Harnessing the Sun,

Powering Our Community

At BJAAM Solar, our services are a direct reflection of our mission: to empower Ohio with sustainable, efficient, and reliable solar energy solutions. We’re committed to providing a full spectrum of solar services that not only meet the energy needs of today but also pave the way for a brighter, cleaner future. From initial consultation to routine maintenance, our turnkey solutions are designed to ensure that every project delivers on our promise of quality and performance.

Solar Consulting

Navigating Your Solar Journey with Expertise

Embarking on a solar project can be complex, but our team of experts makes it simple. Our solar consulting service begins with a comprehensive electric bill analysis, using 40 years of weather data and precise location metrics to create a tailored energy model. This model not only forecasts your power production but also anticipates future needs, ensuring your investment is sound and scalable.

Solar Installation

Precision-Engineered Installations for Optimal Performance

Our solar installations are more than just setups; they’re strategic implementations of advanced solar technology. Whether it’s a large commercial tracking system or a high-end residential tracker, we handle every aspect with precision. Our process is meticulous, from securing utility company approvals to the final installation, ensuring that each project is executed flawlessly and with minimal disruption.

Solar Servicing

Ensuring Peak Performance with Comprehensive Care

Solar technology is robust, but it requires expert care to maintain peak performance. Our daily monitoring of your system’s performance allows our team to keep a close eye on the power that is being produced, and anticipate any potential issues. Our solar servicing includes annual greasing of solar trackers and proactive maintenance checks. With the initial 3 years of service included in your contract, you can rest assured that your solar solution will continue to operate at its best, delivering clean energy day after day. 

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Who We Are

BJAAM Solar is rooted in the rich legacy of BJAAM Environmental, which has been championing sustainable environmental practices since the 1980s. We specialize in turn-key comprehensive solar solutions, from design and installation to annual preventative maintenance. Our mission is to empower Ohio communities, businesses, and individuals with renewable energy, helping to reduce carbon footprints and decrease the financial burden of energy.